Healing Touch Clinic Cairns

Healing Touch is energy-based healing for the body, mind and spirit.

Healing Touch is an evidence-based complementary approach to better health. Healing Touch provides care and comfort to an individual through balancing the energy system and helping the client to self heal. When applied in conjunction with Parapsychology and metaphysical studies, Healing Touch is an insightful and powerful way of understanding where you are today and helping you to achieve your full purpose in life.

Non-invasive, supportive and complementary to traditional and alternative medical practices, Healing Touch helps people live better lives by increasing self-esteem, education and awareness. Healing Touch is about assisting clients to engage with their hearts’ desires and be present in the 'now'. Additionally, Healing Touch offers a range of therapeutic benefits including pain relief, assistance with depression and the reduction of anxiety and stress.

Healing Touch is all about you and your healing needs –self enlightenment, self-awareness and self regeneration. To find out more about Healing Touch in Cairns, click here or call Kay on 0417 332 904.

Healing Touch in Cairns

Kay Michaels is your Certified Healing Touch Practitioner in Cairns. Kay has been practicing Healing Touch for over ten years. As a highly experienced Registered Nurse, Kay recognised the incredible value of providing Healing Touch as a complementary therapy to the medical care provided by physicians and hospitals.

The only Certified Healing Touch Practitioner in Cairns, Kay's purpose is to serve by fostering wholeness, awareness, balance and enlightenment in a gentle, open and harmonious atmosphere. Offering Healing Touch sessions at her clinic in Cairns, Kay creates spaces which are welcoming and supportive, ensuring that her clients feel safe and at ease. For more information, click here or call Kay on 0417 332 904.

Why Healing Touch?

Each session includes a full assessment of your energy 'points' and energy biofield (personal space). These energy centres and field, document all that has happened to us; every thought, memory, action and feeling.

Healing Touch is a clearing out and moving on treatment which helps clients feel lighter and more focused. Healing Touch sessions are controlled by the client and are tailored to suit the individual. Directed by the 'Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice' of Healing Touch International, your Healing Touch Practitioner with ensure that you feel safe, supported and totally in control.

Healing Touch Practitioners are required to complete a rigorous training program of 150 hours with the Australian Foundation for Healing Touch Inc. in association with Healing Touch International. Many Practitioners are members of the medical community, such as nurses, physicians and other allied health care professionals.

The benefits of Healing Touch

  • Relief of pain and increased relaxation
  • Acceleration of wound healing
  • Migraines and headache
  • Grieving and depression
  • Reduction of anxiety and stress
  • Energising the field
  • Prevention of illness
  • Aiding in preparation for, and follow–up after, medical treatments and procedures
  • Enhancement of spiritual development and support for the dying process

For more information or to make an appointment, click here or call Kay on 0417 332 904.